Monthly Archives: November 2018

My visit to DWIT / Participation in IT4D

I have been planning to visit Nepal since last 25 years. My this dream came true just this week by visiting Deerwalk Institute of Information Technology to participate in International event ICT4D . Now I feel that my visit was not only concerned to participate and contribute for the IT4D event but it remained exciting,…

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پنهنجي تجربي مان

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. (Old Chinese proverb)  (اوندهه کي لعنت ڏيڻ کان بهتر آهي ته هڪ ميڻ بتي ٻاريو) شيڪسپيئر صحيح چيو آهي ته ”هر گذرندڙ وقت ڊرامي جي (ايڪٽ) وانگر آهي ۽ اسان سڀ ماڻهو اداڪار آهيون, جيڪي پنهنجو ڪردار عمدگيءَ سان نڀائي رهيا آهيون.“ مون…

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